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Round Shaker Table    

H22"xW22.5"     Walnut | Cherry | Red Oak

This end table was one of the first pieces of furniture I ever created. The shape of the legs and center column were created from multiple concept iterations. Initially I designed the center column as a recurring design that got larger as it got closer to the ground. This shaped developed from refining sketches of what it thought would be an interested shape. Once I finalized a design from the center column, I wanted the legs to flow outwards as extension that followed a similar design. The legs followed the same process of drafting and eliminating designs that did not appeal to what I was looking for. The point below the center column was added last to cover up the exposed dovetail joinery but mostly to give the center column a completed look.


The table top is created from walnut hardwood. The characteristics of the wood blend so well together its nearly impossible for the untrained eye to find the lines where the boards were assembled together. The center shaft and base point was created from cherry hardwood with texture that when turned simply mirrors itself on both sides. And lastly the legs were shaped from red oak hardwood. The characteristics of the red oak wood help give form and shape to the design of the legs. The entire table is finished with additional layers of polyurethane finish. The table top has a oil base finish on the underside to add contrast to the top.

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